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Whether you’re looking to book your holiday or if you’re a small business looking to list your accommodation with us we already have some businesses on board and we are looking to go live at the end of April. Fill out the form below with your details and we will let you know when we are live.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t see the question you want answered below you can always contact us here and ask. 

Why use 4Corners to hire?

We are a little different to the other hire platforms in the way that all campers and motorhomes listed on our sites are owned and run by small family businesses. We think it is important to support local businesses and get amazing service.

Who can put their vehicles on 4Corners?

We are all about the service and experience here at 4Corners. We have done our homework and decided that this platform is only open to family run businesses with a proven track record. We decided this would be the way of 4Corners after some research hearing that some private hirers let families down last minute as they realised, they could get more money on a different booking.

So be assured that all vehicles listed on 4Corners are family operated businesses that have a proven track record in service which is reflected in their google rating.

How does it work?

Search our website for your perfect vehicle that would be a perfect fit for your adventure. Your hire will be with the family operated business. They will be fully insured, have a smooth operation in terms of process leading up to your hire and of course outstanding customer service whilst out on hire.

What do I need to hire a vehicle?

Most companies are with the same insurer for their self-drive hire policy. There are some differences with ages and excesses which will be specified on their advertisement for their vehicles.

Generally, you will need to provide a valid driving licence with two proofs of address (dated within 90 days of first day of hire) that match your licence which should be in your current address. You will also need to provide a DVLA Drivers check.

What vehicle can I drive?

Depending on when you passed your driving test you will have different weights listed on the back of your UK issued licence.

If your licence was issued before 1997 you are potentially able to drive vehicles with a larger weight which come under the C1 category. These motorhomes are few and far between in the hire market as most businesses do not buy these due to the limit on who can drive them.

Majority of us only have a licence which allows us to drive vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes which is a B category licence. Most modern motorhome are on a B licence and these are what most hire companies buy. This usually means the 6th seatbelt has been taken out to bring the weight allowance down for passengers.

Does a B licence restrict passengers I can take?

On a B licence you can hire a vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes. There are still vehicles that are 6 berth which can be driven on a B licence – they are generally shorter to accommodate the weight of the 6th person. Longer vehicles on a B licence will generally have the 6th belt removed which then reduces the allocated weight to allow it to be driven on a B licnece.

You will need to be mindful if you are a family/group of 5 or 6 to ensure you do not go over the weight. The overall weight is down to the hirer to ensure they do not go over the weight – most companies will advise on weight to ensure hirer do not over load.

Is there a damage excess?

Companies will set their own damage excess in line with their insurance premium. Most policies excess are now set at £1,000 which is what we are seeing on the self-drive hire documentation.

The hire company will take the damage deposit ahead of the hire. It is the hirers responsibility to have the funds in place ahead of the hire. Vehicles will not be sent on hire without a damage deposit.

The damage deposit is there for damages incurred during the hire period. Before you head off on hire, you will be shown around the vehicle and have the opportunity to acknowledge any existing damages (if any) with the hire company. Both parties will sign the rental agreement to agree on the condition of the vehicle before setting off on their adventure.

The same process will be adhered to when the vehicle is returned. The company will inspect the vehicle looking at the rental agreement from the start of the hire and mark down any damages incurred during the hire.

How do I know the times for pick-up and drop-off?

The advertisement will include their operational times for hire. We do ask potential hirers to understand that these businesses are not 9-5 as they will only be there to send vehicles out on hire and be there for their return.

What is included in the hire?

Each advertisement will include what they include as standard. Some will charge extra for items in the vehicle that are classed as ‘extras’, some will be an all-in price. Some charge for the gas or expect you to refill them before you return. Some charge mileage and some are classed as ‘unlimited’.

Be sure you read the advertisement to ensure you choose the best vehicle for you and are aware of what is included within the price advertised.

What do I need to do when returning a vehicle?

Each company will be different in terms of what they accept. You will first need to return the vehicle on time which you would have seen on the advertisement and which will of course be on your rental agreement.

During the hire we ask that you treat the vehicle as your own and clean as you go. The vehicle should be returned how it was handed to you, with all equipment stowed, kitchen items cleaned and put away. No excess mud grime in the habitation area.

Are pets allowed?

Please see the advertisement of your preferred vehicle. Some family run businesses will allow pets however please be under the understanding that pet damage is not covered on their self-drive hire policy so any damages will be payable by the hirer. Taking pets is an additional risk and the owner will communicate their pet rules. We strongly advise only taking pets that have past the period of chewing, those that are not destructive and of course never leave them unattended. You know your pet best and we please ask you be kind to our operators as you know your pets best – please only take pets that are used to travelling that will not be unsettled in a new environment.

Can I travel abroad?

Please see the advertisement of your preferred vehicle. Some family run businesses will allow abroad travel however you must let them know where you are travelling as some countries are not covered by the self-drive hire agreement. You will need to book in advance as there is additional paperwork for going abroad. It is the hirers responsibility to apply for the Crit’Air stickers if you are driving in those area, to have all the items required by law (of the country) within the vehicle – you can find this information on the internet of what is needed in vehicles of the country you are travelling in.

What if I need to cancel?

Just like any other holiday, you need to have travel insurance. If there are any unforeseen circumstances why you need to cancel this is when travel insurance comes into play.

At time of booking, we ask that you have the time off secured before booking just like any other holiday.

If you need to cancel at any time for a reason your holiday insurance will not cover. Our policy is as follows:
Cancel within 30 days – 0% of the booking will be refunded.
Cancel before 30 days – 50% of the booking will be refunded.

How do I pay for my hire?

At time of booking you will be given the following options:

Pay 50% at time of booking – if you choose this option you will be required to pay 50% of the hire at time of booking and the remaining 50% of the booking will be taken 30 days before the hire.

Pay monthly – if you chose this option, you will be charged £1 at time of booking. A member of the team will be in contact to arrange the best date to take the montly payment. The payments will be divided over the months leading up to your hire to ensure the balance is paid in full ahead of your hire. We do not charge any additional costs for the pay monthly option.